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How to Add Clickable Images, Pictures, Banners to Free Blog Blogger

Summary: By this useful and important article you will teach that how you add clickable images, pictures and banners for free blog blogger, there is lot of profits to add images your blogger post will be looking beautiful and attract your visitors and your blogger traffic boost day to day

By this useful article you teach that how you add clickable image or picture in free blog blogger. This very important and necessary that every blogger want to add clickable images, pictures  and banners their posts  in free blog boogger sidebar is a better idea. I have checked that  lot of new bloggers and other visitors script a long post with full of passage but posting looking very uninteresting, there is no doubt your content are very useful but looking indulge so it is a nice  idea to insert some clickable images,  pictures and banners correlated to your free blog blogger posts in your post body and another good way you can include clickable images, pictures  and banners to your blogger sidebars because your sidebar is very important as well as your post body. If your sidebar has some suitable and match clickable pictures with your blogger template your free blog blogger will look like as a professional blog. You have judged that my Blog Blogger Training every post looks with one image essentially. This is great way to show your blogger post nice looking when visitors comes to your post who can stay some time due to your good images. Another profits of clickable images describe that you can insert images of your own blog and you can advertise through your other blogs or friends blog or other free advertising services offering free advertising you can drive traffic more to use this good procedures. If you want to increase your free blog blogger traffic click here.
Now I give you step by step instructions and guidance how you add images, pictures and  banners in your free blog blogger. It is very necessary you will have to upload your images,  pictures and banners from hosting Website.  I f you have no any image hosting sites then you can use following two useful and great free hosting sites.


Now see the following points and instructions how you add clickable images, pictures and banners in free blog blogger easily.

1.    See the following code with carefully, this code is very important you can make your free blog blgger images, pictures and banners clickable easily and you can make your own   banners and give links  and post your banners on different blogs drive traffic, if you want to make your own banners click here.

<a href="URL want to open in new Window" target="_blank"><img src=" address of your image" alt="Name" width="170" height="140" border="0" /></a>

2. You have looked the image code give your URL address in above green color line and if you have made URL of your image or pictures give the address your images in Blue color of above code, write the name of your image in red color of above code and finally I advice that if you want to make your banners 468x60 change the width and height in above code according your choice.

3.    I have made a banner 468x60 for my blog blogger training and I have changed the above code see the following code with carefully and take advantage and make your clickable banners and other pictures as you like.

<a href=""><img src=" http://" alt="Blog Blogger Training" width="468" height="60" border="0" /></a>

4.    In view of the above code see the following banner image of Blog Blogger training as a sample with carefully.


5.    Now  you teach that how you add your image or picture in your free blog blogger sidebar go to and then Dashboard, Design, Page Element and after that press “Add a Gadget” button in Sidebar option, and then go to HTML/JavaScript and copy the above mentioned code and after that change the code according your choice  and paste it easily with Java/Script vacant place and check the result immediately.

6.    If you want to paste the above mentioned code any place of your post it is very easy copy the above code and go to Edit posts section of your blogger template  and then click on  Edit HTML paste the code  on green color words pointed out in picture has given below for more guidance:

I hope you have understood the above procedures well if you find  any problem sent me email for urgent reply see my email on author box  of  free bog Blogger Training, if you like this post please leave your comments. 

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  1. hi blogspot blog name is x2rongworld but i want to know how to insert clickable pic in post..